Choo Meng Foo sent the following

I have just started a website at This will be dedicated to Arts, Architecture and Design, as well as the digital world. Please check it out. Contributors and comments are wellcome.

There will be information on Bali coming up. Those interested to go Bali can look out for those information here.

Wilson Hue

was spotted going to a midnight movie in Clementi with an unidentified lady. The couple was later spotted again wandering around the NTUC area...

Latest on Wilson Hue... the unidentified lady was his fiance... those out there who were secretly in love with Mr Eligible - EAT YOUR HEART OUT !!!

Phan Ming Yen is getting MARRIED!!!

The victim is a lady from Hong Kong.

Any complaints or lawsuits againsts these news, please contact our lawyer, Roger Ngaw ...editor


NEWS from Joon-Nie

Hi everyone!

Since work and vacations seem to be the major preoccupation of practically every poster here... I thot I'd add my 5-sen worth! *grin*

Well, as many of you know (like those I've been bumping into all over the place... e.g. Eugene Ho on his way to go go-karting in Batam - ha!), I'm now at TCS (no flames please!) with News5, the department responsible for your daily TV news bulletins - mor ning, noon and night (yes, we've started afternoon bulletins too!)

I began work last April 94, immediately after completing my pupillage and being called to the Bar - and have not looked back since! (those years with Ooi Hong Yinn's Video Comm have been put to mighty good use!)

So if you guys know of anything newsworthy, or have something to tell the whole of Singapore (and the region, now that we're on satellite as well) - do drop me a line! I specialise in Law (naturally) and IT stories - and everything else that comes my way ! I recently did a piece on Meng Foo and his shop on the news about a month back - wedding photos on CD-Rom - very colourful!

Yes, and Russell (hyena-laughter) Tan is in the same office as I! Seema is with AM Singapore, while Eunice and Jean {of Jean and Pedro fame} are with Entertainment Productions 5. Small world, huh?

RH 1989-93 (Block 6 all the way - yeah!)
Broadcast Journalist,TCS News 5
Tel: 3503-692/3 (o) Fax: 251-5352
PS. Does anyone remember the mashed pumpkin the Malay cooks used to dish out? I haven't come across anything *close* to that since I left!

From Hariharan Naidu working in Japan...

Like everywere else life here has its good and bad points. The things I like about Japan are its polite people and the strong work ethic. I hate the long working hours and the expensive prices besides the gas attcks which thankfully seemed to have died down. Lots of interesting places to visit especially up north in Hokkaido which I like very much for its open spaces and delicious seafood.

Warmest regards,
Hariharan Naidu (

Letter from Chin Lim

It is a diffferent and refreshing experience to return to the working world agian. ARCO Chemical's(ACC) Worldwide corporate headquarters in Newtown Square Pennsylvania resides on the second largest privately held property in the US, occupying some 320 acres - or about 1.3 sq km if I am correct with the conversion. It comprises of five two-storey office buildings each spanning some 100 metres across the length and 30 metres across the width. The office complex resides in the middle of a large, sparsely vegetated field, with various kind of tress and shrubs strategically planted to provide the overall atmosphere equivalent to a typical, big courtyard/horse riding range of the royal families of UK. This vast expense of greenery and nature is the unforgetable first impression I have of ACC. Will talk about the work environment the next time.

Some quick summary of what I am doing, though the details needs to be refined and finalised. I am working for the manager of the Technology Development and Planning, the unit in ACC primarily concerned with investigating, exploring new uses for the Propylene Oxide - ACC is the world's largest producer of PO, with market share of about 40%. It is both a 'market driven and technology driven' task in that it sits in the middle of he R&D and market development guys, in a way integrating the perspective of both areas. Specifically, I will be doing a market assessment type project - not unlike what I have doing in my previous job - eventually identifying some new areas in which ACC can further look into. Nevertheless, I am still learning more about the company and the industry, as much as learning the chemistry of the different product pathways. Overall, the job is exciting, though not totally new compared with my previous job ... too early to consider this as a next job yet - at least as far as the current position is concerned - if this is the next natural question you guys have.
Take care and cheers.
26 August 1995

Jonathan Tan's first day

Today was my first day at work at my new place. Seems like quite a nice place, friendly people. Small firm with 1 boss & 4 lawyers (I'm the 5th person). Got 2 files to work on: they're all cross-border corporate work and much more difficult than what I've been accustomed to in my previous firm. Left the office at 7.15 pm (which was quite early), but rather late when in my old office I used to leave at 6.00 pm. Should be quite interesting to see how things work out. And yes, I've been assigned to look after the computers stuff (seems that I cannot escape from such things). May have to design/code the firm's web page too! The firm has an INTERNET account and a LEXIS/NEXIS account. And the boss is IT-literate and very into such things. Actually subscribe to computer magazines too! So I balance computers with law.

Will be back home in Ipoh, Malaysia next week, from Mon 7th Aug to Wed 9th Aug, and will be off-line during that period. But do mail privately. Will read them when I'm back.

Keep in touch!

Assistant Organist, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore
Organist, Deutschsprachige Katholische Gemeinde in Singapur
Asst. Organist, Deutschsprachige Evangelische Gemeinde in Singapur
Solicitor, Messrs. John Koh & Co., Singapore
| |WWW Home Page:
| | | | | | | | | | | | E-Mail (INTERNET):
| | | | | | | | | | | | | Office tel. no.: (65) 538 9875 (DID)
| | | | | | | | | | | | | |Office fax no.: (65) 538 2221

Chin Lim survives the Big Apple

My warmest - and very humid - greetings from Pennslyvania.

Visited NY city over the weekend. Tour half of Mahanttan Island on foot - it was some 10-15 km walks for two days. A classmates of mine knew the city very well and show us around to all the different streets and lanes. Had a lot of thoughts and in retrospect, respected the acheivemetns of Singaporean government in urban development. My brand-new pair of white snicker became stained and sticky after two days of walking arounf in NY city. Imagine what our lungs will look like if we live there for a long time.

Take care.

1 August 1995


Welcome to Jonathan Tan

Hi guys! After much plodding from Koh Su Haw, I finally accessed RH Alumni Home Page over the weekend and much say that it's really good. For those of you who are wondering what I'm doing now, I will be starting with M/s John Koh & Co on 1st Aug 1995. Previously I was with M/s Madhavan Louis & Partners. Please drop me a line at when you're free. Also, you're welcome to drop in at my home page: Your comments and suggestions to improve it are also welcome.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to my ex-flatmate: Soh Kum Yung? And what is Angeline Ong doing now?

Cheers! Keep in touch!

Jonathan Tan
31 July 95

A note from Mike Tan

First, let's squash all the rumours: I don't drive a Lexus now, I'm not in Malaysia yet (but will be in 2 months time) I don't draw a 5 figure salary yet, etc.

For those who came in late, I'm now a legal consultant with a regional IT firm which does it big on memory and what I do is, inter alia, protecting the intellectual property of some of the products in our inventory. This job came after a stint with the Business Software Alliance (Microsoft) and I didn't quite like it there because I wanted to copy all the programs which I tried to protect. You guys know me, I'm a software junkie.

My latest project is to defeat Creative Technology in Singapore, and make their latest projects/products fail. I have succeeded so far, check out their stock. THough I do not take credit for all the #$%)@#($&! which they have committed, I think that nobody should buy Creative anymore.

I'm now attached to a lawyer and she's quite a woman. 19 July 95

Note: Mike is now Staying with Chris Choo and Foo Yuk Meng ( at 22 Jln Pelatok, Singapore 1648. He has regular and 'exotic' barbeques and extends an open invitation to all

Oh No... Lips is Back!

Just came back from U.K. last sunday... had been in cranfield university near to milton keynes in u.k.
Travelled extensively to oxford cambridge, bath, the lake district, york, and even drove all the way to edingburg in Scotland... wonderful place..
Well, I am now back and busy again with this year National Day Parade... as a reserve Guard of Honour Contigent Commander... Ahemm
Just honourably completed my role during the Chief defence force parade when we id our farewell for him... Well, well, also, my face appeared in the TV for 3 seconds with me the captain leading the Guard of Honour contigentmarching past the Chief.

Well, well got a bit darker as well with all the hard work...

England was good... picked up some golf during the trip as well, anyone cares to joined me for a game....

12 July 1995

Linette Heng's trip to China

China was one big eyeopener, although I didn't think it was worth the $1340 I paid for it. An average lunch costs only $4. The toilets were the most memorable for its lack of modern flushing. I wonder whether the wastes accumulate over the years !!!

The 2 waterfalls I saw were the most spectacular that I've ever seen out of the many countries I've ever visited.

Bought a packet of yak beef and am wondering how to finish it as the smell is even more overpowering than beef.

Anyway, I didn't feel sorry to leave the place although I would like to visit other places eg. the 3 gorges, Huangshan & Beijing in future.

28 June 1995

Kwangs & Seto Back from Oz

Seto & I had a great time in Australia. People are VERY courteous and helpful, which just makes me realize how far we still have to go in many parts of the world towards becoming a more gracious society. Many beautiful sights - we drove quite a bit around New South Wales and Victoria. Caught in snow and hail on the coldest day since 1901 ... quite an experience that I'm sure will better prepare us for Boston. Visited 3 universities - Sydney, Melbourne and Monash. The first two are quite nice, but I was surprised by the small size of Monash. Also a little concerned by the state of disrepair particularly at Sydney and Melbourne. Economic difficulties are starting to affect them, I think. Things are pretty rough - of the two taxi drivers we met, one had a bachelors and masters degree (econs) and couldn't find a job, the other one is a former engineer who is unemployed. It's a nice country and we hope things become better for them.

.kwang hui & seto.
13 July 1995


Seng Yee, happy PAPA to be

I just wandered onto the RH Alumni WWW page by accident, and I wanted to tell what a WONDERFUL, GREAT, INCREDIBLE (other adjectives fail me right now) idea it is. I especially like the place where we can leave our email addresses.

Some news of my own, I'm going to be a father in January! The panic is starting to set in around now...

Seng Yee
W.R.Grace (Singapore) Pte Ltd
501 Orchard Road,#07-02
Lane Crawford Place
19 June 1995

From Meng Foo...

Hey, anyone from school of architecture out there using the WWW. Would like to get intouch. I will be launch a "Art, Architecture & Design" on-line magazine at Singnet. Need articles and contributions of any sort. Please e-mail to

20 June 1995

Birthday Bash

Hello there,

We are now having a party to celebrate 4 ex-RH people's birthday. There are Cheung Foong Loon, Ngai Weng Yew, Denise Wong and Karen Law. All well wishes are welcome.

khoon keat
3 June 95

Li Lian says...Wanna be on Telly?

Here's a chance to get together and have a nice reunion while having fun!
Anyone of you feel 'passionate' about the following topics :
+ Kissing/Cuddling in public should be disallowed/punishable by Law
+ Women should serve NS

TCS is producing a new talk-show to begin airing in July. It's called
"Ja's Court" hosted by Jacinta. So you wanna be a guest on the show?

If you are interested or want more details, contact me.

Of course if you become famous after that, please do remember me 8)
Ooi Li Lian (

Note: We'd like to congratulate Li Lian who just started work with SCS !!

9 June 95

Dominic's Plea!

Hi and greets to everyone!

Does anyone knows what happened to ex-RH alumini WONG CHEK HONG?

I have received a nasty letter from the MOE regarding his not up-dating
the MOE database andd they could not locate him , blah , blah. The reason
being that I have agreed to become Chek Hong's surety for the tuition
bond when we are studying together in Raffles Hall. Therefore, the MOE
reasoned, I must be the one held responsible in his absence.

Since right now I am travelling outstation almost every month, I REALLY
have not been able to keep up with everybody and I frankly don't have a
clue where Mr Wong is...

To make matters worse, CHAN SEAN CHEAH, the other surety has vanished off
the face of the earth. Last rumoured he was somewhere in HK .... but no
one really seems to know..

H E L P ! ! !

Sorry to inconvenience you guys so much but perhaps someone knows where
Chek Hong is? I really appreciate any info on this one.

Dominic Loke
2 June 95

Jenn Jong Says "HI"!

Hey, I think this magazine is a great idea. Here's my 2cts worth of contribution to it, as well as to check it out myself.
For those who don't know me, I was in RH from 1986 till 1990. Stayed back after graduation to teach in Computer Science at NUS for four years until I got tired of the same daily routine. Am now with the Trade Development Board. One of the things I am doing here is to set up the Internet resources: email and Web.
Have switch slightly from my technical training to doing an MBA now. Unfortunately it's from NTU and not NUS.
Got married two and a half years ago and have a baby girl now. The second one is on the way.
Keep in touch.
Yee Jenn Jong
13 June 95

Announcement from Chin Lim

Hi all of you guys and ladies out there, its Chin Lim here in the last week of my first academic year in MIT's Technology and Policy Master Program - for those who did not know what I have been doing.

I'll be back home on the 24 My (Wedenesday) morning. I'll be in Singapore for a short 2 1/2 to 3 weeks before I return to US to work for ARCO Chemical (Technology Development and Planning UNit) in Pennsylvania this summer.

The most important event of my return trip is to get on the marriage 'bandwagon' that has been 'galloping' since Kwang-Seto and Ling Hoong-Siew Kiang had theirs last year. It would be a very simple ROM ceremony and given my currently 'red-inked' financial situtation - my two years savings were just sufficient for one semester and I am living on parental resources - this ceremony would be a very simple one. Well, perhaps this RH network has provided me the most economically efficient way of spreading the good news across to all old-friends. Our tradditional ceremony would be sometimes in/after mid 1996 when I have completed my program.

By the way, my other significant-half is:
Koh Hui Laing (han yu ping yin name: Xu Huilian). She is currently teaching 'O' level maths and chemistry in Parsi Ris Secondary School.

Please take care and all teh best to work and otherwise.

Boon Leong & Mei Sum

Congratulations to Boon Leong & Mei Sum who have finally announced their wedding on June 10th. It promises to be different: the ROM ceremony will be during the wedding dinner. Mei Sum's greatest fear - that it will end up like 4weddings ... "do you take BL to be your awfully wedded ...". Rumour has it that Boon Leong's dowry is their brand new bungalow being built in JB. Those of you who remember Boon Leong's songfight skills - drink lots of honey and get ready to YAAAAMMMM ... SEEENNGGGGGG them into this new phase of life. Our happy couple will be celebrating their honeymoon in Australia...
18 May

Chungs & Lay Kien tie the knot

Why this long-standing RH couple picked the Pan Pacific hotel (and not the Raffles Hotel) for their wedding? Well, because that's where Chung Chun first cut his teeth working as a janitor in his JC days... when they first met.

It was an eventful day for our newlyweds. In the morning they drove all the way to Pontian for the tea ceremony... unfortunately the photographer forgot his passport... then, on the way to Pan Pacific, Lay Kien was stranded on the expressway because the car ran out of fuel!. Luckily someone gave our hitch-hiking bride a lift... And just when they thought things were starting to go smoothly, our dear Wilson Hue and Chong Kong who were the MC's decided to "sabo" them and made a blindfolded Chungs try to guess which of the "female" voices was Lay Kien's... 2 were male. The grand finale was Vincent Chin's Chicken Parts Game in which Chungs had to pick one of three bowls, each of which had a different part of a chicken. Then, Chungs had to kiss the bride at the part corresponding to the chicken's. Chungs uncovered a chicken breast and ... did he do it??

Now that the events are behind them, lets wish Chungs & Lay Kien a happy marriage ahead.
6 May

Chuen Piew & Lay Siew's bundle of joy

Congratulations to Chuen Piew and Lay Siew who celebrate the first month anniversary of their first baby... its a girl(!) today. Congratulatory messages: call 7646471.
7 may 95

Letter from Alan Tan: Spring at Yale

Hey you folks, thought I should give you a latest update of my life around here. Travelling still remains a top priority for me, and I sometimes forget that I have an obligation to study. Was in London and Scotland last month, when I got a fare-war dirt cheap ticket via Virgin Atlantic Airways to London. Cost me the fare of a ticket to Penang from Singapore! And Virgin is of course, Virgin Records, so there was superior inflight entertainment with personalised video screens. If anyone needs a great honeymoon, try Scotland: nature at its best, with glaciers, rivers, valleys, mountains, lakes (lochs), forests, waterfalls, castles, spanish bearded moss that grows only in 98% pure air, and they had it all over their roadside. Shows that their roadside has 98% pure air! Great stuff, and Loch Ness was something else, though the monster didn't appear. But perhaps the greatest thing was the Scottish girls, who speak English with the sexiest accent I've ever heard, next to Penangites of course. Came back exhausted, but was off to Washington with my classmates after that, and Vermont with a law faculty colleague who's visiting. Was also in Philadelphia for the annual Jessup moots, where I kay-pohed around and did some judging. Two more weeks of school, and oh, some exams I forgot, and then i'm a free man off to the Grand Cayman Islands.

Note: Alan has completed his Masters Degree in Law at Yale and will be returning shortly to lecture at NUS.