Baby News!

Chow Siew Chin gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 16 Sept!!

Congratulations to Siew Chin & Say Huat!

Contributed by: Siew Kiang(

Introduction by Philip Beh

I was staying in Block 6 (Siberians, right?)Raffles Hall during 85/86. ( People like Lim Eng Hai, Aqbal Singh, etc...) I'm presently working as a lecturer in one of the private colleges in Penang. Life is more relaxing as compared to the corporate world. (I spent 5 years there) It's time for me to catch up with some old friends, e.g. Rafflesians. I would like to contact John Ling, my roommate then. He was a Chemical Eng Final year student in 85/86. By the way, he's from Sarawak.

Can anyone help me? (Phillip Beh)

This month's profile (August): Shehan V Warusavithana

Hi everybody,

I guess I'm the first of the new batch of graduates to contribute here. Anyway, let me introduce myself. Well, my name is Shehan. No, don't bother about my last name. It's impossible for most people to pronounce anyway! I graduated earlier this year from the faculty of Science. Oh yes, I'm from Sri Lanka and stayed all my three years at RH.

As for news, hmm... well nothing much. I've just started working at the Institute of Systems Science at NUS. So, you can imagine that I go down to RH very often. As for news of RH, well the concert is coming up. 20th and 21st of September I think. For those of you who still haven't still gotten your tickets, GO GET THEM! For those of you who know Sim Eng, she's an Assistant RF now. Hmm... I hope she doesn't read this and kill me for it!

Well, thats it for the moment.... catch you guys and gals later!

Shehan (

From Joe Liow & Chin Chin

I haven't anything really new to declare except that my wife gave birth to kid no.2.
Congrats to them!!

NEWS Flash

Congratulations to Choy Da Fu for tying the knot in July. Wishing him and his "tall tall slim slim" many happy years together.

Congrats too to Dominic Loke for beating Choy to it by a day.

Welcome to Ling Hoong and Siew Kiang who have just arrived in Boston. Congrats to Siew Kiang for getting into the MBA program at MIT ... now we can start an RH volleyball team here.

Congrats to Chin Lim on his new job at the NSTB

Some Gossips...

  • heard that Chow Siew Chin is expecting(!)
  • Arnold & I-Yin had their ROM celebration in Raffles Hall ... *sigh romantic*
  • Khoon Keat & Ai-Ping have moved into their new "dream home". So have Chong Teik & Denise; Arnold & I-yin.
*sob* *sob* ... goodbye to Sze Pei (one of the 4 musketeers) who has just returned to KL.

News from Hoo Chuen Piew...

Hi! there,

Haven't seen you guys for so long. How are you doing?
Been keeping very busy lately by our little bundle of joy and can hardly find time to write. Glad to find this exciting home page on the NEt though, and certainly would be very happy to receive news from you. I'll tell people about this exciting home page if I happen to meet them. It's nice if we can keep in touch.

1ST CHEER FOR JULY by chuen piew

My colleague, a China-born American Chinese, was recently sent to Kuala Lumpur for an assignment. While there, she had this terrible experience of having to explain to the taxi driver, with great difficulty, of where she lived - a condominium along `Jalan Sehala'. The taxi driver seem to be quite confused of the whereabout of that particular road. She had eventually have to direct him, as he drove, to reach there. What a shame!

Chuen Piew & Lei Siew.

Hon Kit & Slim's bundle of joy!

Name: Hon Kit & Slim
Hi everybody,
We just had a little boy on 7/6/1996.His name is Kay Howe.

News from Joe Liow...

Just realised there nobody made any posting for the month of May 1996 and decided that I should contribute. I have my own little announcement if anyone is interested. My second kid just came along last Thursday 23/5/96 at 2.50 pm. He's a boy; his name is Gregory; he came out at 8.65 pounds; and my wife is glad that she did not try for a natural birth (something about the kid being too big). That aside, I wonder any of you would like to share with me their views on the lastest development on the Government's proposal to implement the much publised measures to curb speculation. Any one of you affected?

Calling all volleyball kakis...

Our Mr. Volleyball, Ng Ling Hoong, is organising volleyball games every month at Raffles Hall. All are welcome.
Venue : Raffles Hall Hard Court
Time : 5 pm
Date : First Saturday of each month (beginning now...)

No pre-registration is required. Just bring yourself, the wife/husband/kids and some cold beers :-)

Latest news sent in by Michael Compost:

Fan Kin Ning and Chan Chuey Leng are now legally husband & wife

Pierre and Claire will be proud parents soon, so are Say Huat and Siew Chin.

Any disputes please settle with Michael Campos.
...also, Joe Liow is expecting his second kid soon.


Phan Ming Yen got married on 31st December 1995.


Congratulations to Gan Seum Lim and Joan on the birth of their baby. May them have many more such joyous occasion.

Congratulations to Loh Seng Yee and Joyce on the birth of their baby. May them have many more such joyous occasion.