Contributor: Ong Wee Ming (

Hi all...I just got to know this space on the web from Hooi Leng. Really nice......

Raffles Hall, the thing that I missed most is the old carrom board (ya..the one with drawers for the seeds to

drop into it) and of course the table soccer !!!


xiao chow, heard tt you are carrying your second baby right now ? Congrads to you and say huat, sorry didn't

manage to visit you when you have your first baby.


just wondering why there isn't any gossips this year ?



24 Nov 1997

Contributor: Teh Hooi Ling (

Hi everybody, this is Hooiling here..I stayed in RH from 88 to 91 - stayed in Block 2 and 3.

Hmm..time flies, i've been working for six years now, and all these years in Business Times as a journalist. I guess, if i want to leave, i'd better do it soon, if not i'll soon be a dinasour there..

The job is quite fun, it's brought me to a number of countries including china (inner mongolia, jilin and the usual shanghai,

beijing etc), US, Germany, Finland and recently Denmark where unfortunately i had an accident.

Lip Kee and Say Huat had been very kind to visit me after my accident, tks guys..

I'm still the same, slogging away and earning a pittance, sigh..

What I live for are -- the overseas trips! Kind of sad i know..

Well, to those who know me, do drop me a line sometime..

btw are there any rafflesians out there who works in Chartered Semiconductor or Tech Semiconductor? If yes, can pls drop me a line, tks much..

21 Nov 1997

Contributor: Soh Kam Yung

Hello World, this is Kam Yung (possibly better know as "that mad computer guy in Block 5". I was in RH from 88 to 92, staying the whole four years of my stay there in Block 5 (Yeah! It is the Best of the Best!) while studying Electrical Engineering (officially. Unofficially, I was playing around with computers). I'm probably also known in Block 5 as "that Science-Fiction book freak". I read a lot and have been borrowing books from the libraries like mad.

I am now working at Creative Technology in the Advanced Peripheral Products division, where I'm involved in designing CD-ROM drives. I'll probably be moving on to other computer peripheral products in the future but I can't say more. BTW, no questions on Creative Sound Cards or share tips, okay? I know nuts about Sound Cards and, if you know me, I know even less about stocks.

If you want to know more about me, you can email me email me or visit my home page.

20 Sep 1997

Contributor: Loh Seng Yee

I notice that it's starting to come up that contributors to the alumni page are talking about getting on with a formal alumni (where have I heard that before?). Could you add some announcement or something, that the alumni is registered with the registrar of societies, only that it's been allowed to go defunct, through lack of interest. If there's enough interest, I think that they could reapply to reinstate the alumni with much less trouble than re-registering.

Hey, drop me a line and tell me how things are going on over on the other side of the world.

Best regards,

Seng Yee

P.S. Fatherhood is underrated. - try it someday. I'm suffering, so I don't see why I should do this alone!


Hi Folks. This is Kwanghui and Seto. Sorry to those of you who tried unsuccessfully to update your info on RHWeb during the summer. We're just back from a long, hectic summer vacation filled with work and fun. Finally getting back into work, which is really stressful (we'll spare you the details).

Anyway, we'd like to welcome the following members on board. We hope you will try to contact them to say "HI" and that they'll contribute an article each to tell us a little more about themselves and to share some interesting gossip:

  • Chow Chong Meng (91-92)
  • Lim Eng Hai (83-86), a very distinguised ex-rafflesian
  • Ronald Choo (88-90)
  • Chen Siew Ching (84-87)
  • Soh Kam Yung (88-92)

Also, Paul Wong and Siew Pheng have moved back to Malaysia. They can be contacted at

Finally, we'd like to congratulate Chuen Piew and Lay Siew on the new addition to their family.

Keep those emails coming…

.kwanghui & seto. (Sep 17th, 1997)

A Note from Lim Eng Hai

Heard abt the Raffles Alumni Website some months ago, but after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got into it today. It was fun checking out all the gossips and to find so many familiar names. I suppose if we are all too busy to meet in person, cyberspace is a good alternative. how many of you out there have wondered why of all the halls of residence in nus, raffles hall shud be the one (the only one?) without a formal alumni. Even the lesser halls with very short history have got theirs. I wonder why. Maybe RH alumni are busier than the average NUS alumni, more driven, taken up with their career, family with little time to reminisce abt the past. Perhaps those of you with thoughts on this matter may want to share them here. I hear Sonny Yuen JCRC President of 83/84 wants to do something abt it. We're meeting for lunch in Raffles Pl over the subject on Aug 7. It's Aug 6 today. I guess it's too late for us to invite anyone else. But if anyone's interested, we can always fix another lunch. You have my e-mail address. Cheers everybody!

Lim Eng Hai (

6 August 1997

Siew Ching Says HI!

I've stayed at RH6 during 84-86, I'd very much like to keep in touch with my ex-blockmates and also hallmates esp. those had done chemistry.


Chen Siew Ching (

Welcome to Mun Chung

Okay. About myself. I'm sure you know my full name, Chin Mun Chung but many people find it difficult to remember and so was abbreviated to M.C (for Mun Chung). That's how I'm refer to in my company. So it is pretty odd when one of my colleague says "Sue is not coming in today, she is on MC"....

My job here is as Marketing Executive, nope not those that goes door to door to convince the aunties and uncles to buy your products. My company offers customised IT solution for companies according to their requirements. What I'll do is to try and get the job (as it is tender base) and from there project coordinate till installation & commissioning.

Well, that's about all.


M.C (

1 July 1997

Introducing: Sonny Yuen

I mhave left RH for more than 10 years now. I stayed at both the old RH and the current RH at Kent Ridge. I stayed at Block 3. I hope that you will hold an Alumni gathering seeking not only recent graduates but also oldies like me. It will be quite a task getting all the past graduates but I am sure that with your SCRC, Resident fellows and Master's help you can get a lot people in. With all these people in you should be able to get a lot of suuport both financial and administrative.


Sonny Yuen (

22 May 1997

Kwang Wee Wen says "hi"

Well, its 2.20am.. guess I have time.. anyway...tomorrow's VESAK DAY... yeah.. no work...!

Now.. regretfully I was never really active when I was in RH.. sigh.. too much commitments elsewhere... but had a great time still at BLOCK 6 (1990-1991) freshman year.. great people there...but sort of lost touch when I left the following year... (sigh some more).. which is why I was delighted to have seen the RH web.. maybe I can get in touch with them again... and some others as well... new pals!

I was in BEM then between 1990 and 1994. But that;s history... now.. like everyone else in Singapore... slogging my butt off to earn a decent living and hopefully to get my HDB flat in like a decade's time.. if not later. But basically, I'm in the education business.. training computers to whoever's interested and these are mainly the "blue-collared" workers whom are following the government's advice to "upgrade" their skills. Other than that, I have my own internet company trying to catch the remaining ripples of the wave gone by..

My thoughts... erm.. blank at the moment.. its past my bedtime... but then there was never really any thoughts ever... just living day by day.. hopefully able to get over the next. Dark and sad.. but I'm like that at this time...

Latest happening... well.. Eugene and Marina of Block 6 got married recently (Dec '96). Sorry that;s the latest that I am aware of...


Kwang Wee Wen (

21 May 1997

Ivy Goh is in London

Dear Friends,

Greetings from London! I'm settling down very well here. The weather has been good - lots of sunshine and Spring is in the air!

Working life is not as hectic as in Singapore (at least for me). Enjoying myself in this great city, especially the weekends and pubbing!

Please keep in touch and hope to see you here.

Till then, stay cool.

P/S A little gossip - Siew Chin is expecting the second baby! And our dear Ying Ying is also a happy mummy-to-be.

Ivy Goh,

Whatever happened to Lim Seng Wui ?...

here's a little snippett...

... Speaking about marriage, we just had a gathering at XANADU for Pornlert's coming wedding. Was organised by his wife, Jessica. Anyway, (as you probably know already), they are getting married soon. So is Simon Loh. Low Woon and Khiaw Ming will also be tying the knot on June 1st. Love is in the air!!

Laurence just had Rubella - the German measles - which reduced him to a pink architect. So he was out of action for 2 weeks. But he's fully recovered now, and back in the swing of things.

As usual, am up to my neck as I was not in office last week, then attended the Harvey Yap Advance Driving Course in JB. Yes, Harvey Yap, the greatest Malaysian racer ever was there himself! Wroom...Wroom..... NO, we were not racing, it was a defensive/advance driving course, where you learn to control your car better in the event of sudden obstructions, skidding, emergency braking, etc....

Lim Seng Wui (; 5 may 1997.

Contributor: Kevin Wong Chee Fatt

Update (May 1997)! My baby is finally delivered at 7.8 lbs on 14/5/97. Its not easy being a parent. What they say about not getting enough sleep is an understatement. Well, I will be leaving Bank Negara Indonesia at the end of the month for DBS Bank.

... Me, I'm married for about 3 years to Carol Lau (did her studies in Perth, so you probably won't know her) and will be expecting my first baby, a son, next month whom I will name Andrew Wong ....... haven't thought about the Chinese bit yet (got to check with my Chinese helicopter friends for good advice).

Before I ramble on, I would like to thank you and the other webmasters who are managing the RH Alumni webpage ........... glad you took on the responsibility of maintaining it and that you guys are doing a good job.

Well, I am still an employee and seem destined for life to be so. Haven't managed to acquire any innate skills/specialisation to become an entrepreneur like Chee Chun or Mohan (should have worked harder on my maths and studied Comp Sci or E Eng). I am working in Bank Negara Indonesia now, at its branch in Singapore. Still trying to eek a living for my family (got to buy milk powder soon). The job entails a fair bit of travelling to Indonesia (where else?), Philippines, India, etc mainly the ASEAN region as the branch is in charge of regional business and I'm somehow part of the team that does that. Marketing to businesses around the region is quite interesting as you get to understand a lot about how business and bureaucracy operates in different parts of the region. There's loads of money to be made in ASEAN (for the businessmen) and Indochina but since I have no business backing, its pretty hard to strike out on my own. Thought the easiest way to do that would be by being a trader but now the WWW is removing opportunities for arbitrage and it wouldn't really be a long-term business. So, its banking for me (there's no escaping it).

Carol is also working in a bank, The First National Bank of Boston. She's in the Treasury Department, where the wheelers & dealers send millions (the bank's money!) around the world in a push of a button. Her career is slightly more hectic than mine, more reflex based whilst I have to crack my head trying to circumvent rules & regulations everyday in the cross-border transactions we do for our clients. But, its a living and so far, besides the usual lamenting, life has been fortunately good to us. Hope to keep it that way, afterall, life is too short (wonder if I can clone my memory cells so that I live on in the next generation).

Basically, life for us revolves around work for the greater part of the week. We get up at 6:45am and rush into our work attire. No time for breakfast or a fast peek at the papers, just barely downing the cup of microwaved coffee which is still steaming and we rush to do battle with the parents sending the kids to school on the road. You won't want to live in Bukit Timah (it has more than 5 good schs and JCs) as the amount of traffic and the standard of driving is just too ................ (By the way, Attlee Hue has bought a unit at Blossom Vale, just outside the main road off my place and he will ahve a taste of the traffic too when he moves into it in a year's time!). Drop Carol off at her office at Gateway by 7:25am and just make it into the CBD for my office. Its work, meetings, incessant phone calls till 6:00pm. That's when I get to concentrate on the "heavier" paperwork free from distractions. Then, it's battle zone again for the rush hour traffic home and a quick bite of dinner before the usual husband-wife talk and the other household chores & paperwork. A bath, a short TV programme and it's time for bed before the cycle begins again. However, Friday is my "holy" day. It's a day when my mood brightens and all good things about life gets accentuated. Incidentally, I have started hosting small dinner parties for friends (ex-RH) on Friday evenings. Jimmy Yap, Roger Ngaw & Audrey, Hon Kit & Slim have been here before. They are not into wine yet (I'm still trying to pollute them - hoping to succeed soon) but it's still a nice way to catch up with friends. So far, it has been rather infrequent, hoping to do it every Friday after baby Andrew is born. You & Seto are invited whenever you are back in Singapore. Have been working too hard on establishing a career during the first few years of my working life, so it's a good time to catch up with good old friends again. That's why the RH Alumni page is good for me to contact all those ex-RH souls. Oops, have been rambling on too much. Please do keep in touch.

Best regards,

Chee Fatt (

10 April 1997

Thean Chye & Karen say "HI"

Hi there everyone!!

First of all congratulations to Jimmy and Doris!! How are you doing? Long time no see. Chee Fatt, how are you??

To all of you who know me before, I disappeared from Singapore for three and a half years to Jakarta and just got back last August. I am now working in Liang Court Holdings Ltd and would touch base with some of you guys. Do drop me a note at my email address. Bye and take care.

Thean Chye (1986-1990) .Email :
10 April 1997

Ivy Goh goes to London

Dear RHers,

Riding on Wei Sim's attention list, I wish to inform you that I'm moving too. I will be working in London for 2 years (from Apr 97 onwards).

If you drop by London, please give me a call, I will be more than happy to see friends there.

My contact:
Sony UK Ltd, TV Marketing Europe, The Heights, Brooklands,Weybridge Surrey KT13 OXW,UK
Tel : 44-1932-816-000
Fax : 44-1932-817-002
April 1997

Congratulations, Jimmy & Doris!

Jimmy Yap and Doris Bay just had their 2nd baby on 2 April 1997. Contributed by: Kevin Wong (

Welcome to New Members

We'd like to welcome the following "Senior Ladies & Gentlemen" who came on-board the past 3 months:
* Kevin Wong Chee Fatt
* Jimmy Yap & Doris Bay
* Lynette Lim
* Theresa Belmonte
* Hau Wee Ting
* Theng Jaw Seng
* Alvin Chay
* Tan Kheng Siong
9 April 97

Donal & Wei Sim: Moving to Ireland

Dear RHers,

Donal and I will be moving to Ireland in April - it's hard to keep track of everyone so this e-mail might be a good idea. Hope to keep in touch. For those who might "drop by" Dublin, our address is:

c/o Freffans Farm, Laracor, Trim, County Meath, Republic of Ireland Tel: 001-353-1-6613311 (O) (Wei Sim)

We've got a maisonette for rent. Any takers? It's a great place (Block 723 Yishun)

5 March 1997

Introducing... Theresa Belmonte

I was in rh from 1990-94 and was doing law. i was a very loyal block 6 resident as i stayed there for all of my four years in rh. i'm working in a law firm in singapore and doing mostly solicitors' work. i guess the distinguishing point about me was that i was the only person from the philippines doing law and staying in rh. (i've got 1 1/2 more years to go till the end of my 3-year NUS bond to work here in singapore)

i just got my internet account late last year. i used to go to the comm suite in rh and fiddle around a bit with the internet stuff before it became windows-based. now everyone and everything seem to be in the net ! so fast !

Name : theresa belmonte
Email :
23 feb 1997

An update from Soong's

Lets see what I have to offer:
1) Swan Gin and Chui Peng got married 19/1/97.
2) Joyce and myself ROMed 18/1/97.
3) I have a room for rent in a cool Holland V apartment block.
4) Julian Lit is actually going to be a father soon.
5) Seng Tiong is getting married very very soon.
6) Karen Law is taking golf lessons and aspiring to take over the country.
7) Thinagaran & Ying Ju got married late last year, with a theme of "Another One Bite The Dust"
8) Loh Seng Yee's son doesn't look a bit like him (thank god!!)
9) Choo Meng Foo begins to look more and more like Fu Man Chu.
That's about all I can think of for the moment. I know there are also a large numbers of them out there having babies... its about the right time.
Soong (19 Feb 1997)

Do you want RH Fotos (87-91)??

Hi, I had lots of photographs of RH that span from 1987-1991, those who want them can contact me at By the way, some of the link had been missing from the 'A stroll down the memory lane'. Will post of the photos up for view soon at another site. Any sponor for memory space? Anyone?

Name: Choo Meng Foo (17 Feb 1997)

Looking for Sim Li See

May Jiuan is looking for a long-lost friend. Please help her if you can:

Just wondering if you can post a query for me on the RH Alumni page. Have been trying to contact Sim Li See but to no avail. She got married and I do not have her new contact address and telephone numbers. Wondered if someone else might know. Her details as follows:

Sim Li See
RH 3 - 1987-1990
Arts Faculty
Please contact Lim May Jiuan (email:


.February 1997.

Daniel Lim Ying Sin and Lee Li Lian tied the knot

Name: Nicodemus Chan

Daniel Lim Ying Sin and Lee Li Lian tied the knot on 25th January 1997 at St. John's St. Margaret's Church.

Their wedding dinner was held at the Puteri Pan Pacific Johore Bahru.

A match made in Raffles Hall, Daniel was the scriptwriter for the Hall play "Asylum" while Li Lian was the producer.

Both stayed in Block 3 in 1994 when sparks began to fly.

Daniel who studied law stayed in Raffles Hall from 1991-1995. Lee Li Lian who was also a law student stayed in Raffles Hall from 1990-1994.

James Yuen says "HI"

About myself:
Age: 32
Birthday: 21 Feb 64
Height: 1.70 m

I am working as a professional engineer of a small consultancy practice, providing consultancy services to clients in Civil and Sturctural engineering works ie. design and construction. I just set up my practice a few months ago.

I stayed in RH in 1984-84 Blk 5. I was in the Lounge Committee that year. I then went to continue my undergrad course at NTU from 85-88. I have a B.Eng (Hons), M.Sc (Civil) - from NUS and is completing my MBA at NUS currently.

Chee Chun says HI

Hi everyone,
For those who do not already know, Mo and I have just started a company in Singapore, actually it has been 6 months since we first started. So sorry for not having updated you guys on this but we have been rather busy running around.

By the way, the name of the company is Cypress Solutions, hence my email address. We are in the applications software consulting business, focusing on SAP implementation and business systems consulting. If you want to know more, you can go visit Not sure if it is ready yet, but should be by the middle of December 1996.

Enuf about business, let me see what else has happened. RH just (again this is 2-3 months back) had their annual musical. Must say this is the best I have seen these few years. Definitely better than that sweeper in Ida (is that how you spell it?). Anyway, my email address is and Mo's Hoping to hear from you.

Name: Kok Chee Chun

From Chuen Piew, Thoe Chong & Chak Min...

For those who knows me [Chuen Piew], Chin Thoe Chong and Chew Chak Min, this is to let you guys (and Gals, of course) know that we are colleques now at DP Architects P/L now. Our contact no is 3383988-ext268, and our office is at Marina Square. Do give us a ring when you can, or may be to meet up for lunch if you happen to be at Marina Square.

Message from new web editors (seto & kwanghui)

Hi everyone,
We'd like to thank Soongs for doing such a fine job of managing the webpage. Since he's now going on to greener pastures, we've "volunteered" to look after it. Just to introduce ourselves, we were both in RH and are now married(!). Come visit our webpage to find out more.

We plan to make the RH Web a dynamic meeting place for ex-rafflesians who want to keep in touch. PLEASE tell us what's happening lately in your lives and share your gossips with us. In addition, we will "approach" each of you in turn to provide an itsy-bitsy piece of news occasionally. A little effort by everyone will help make this website better for everyone... we don't need long essays if you can't spare the time... just a few lines to satisfy the others in the grapevine. Some things that you may want to share:

  • Events -- birthdays, weddings, other celebrations
  • Your thoughts and feelings
  • Change in address or contact information

We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Take care & keep in touch!