Soh Kam Yung has kindly set up an email list - sign up!

(editorial note: this service has been discontinued)

Contribution Received: October-November 1998

I've set up a mailing list for RH Alumni at The idea is to relieve Kwangs of the load of having to update the RH web page whenever (or is it "if ever") he has free time and to make it easier for us to communicate without having to maintain personal e-mail lists.

To sign on, send a blank e-mail to Shortly thereafter, you will be automatically sent an email - follow the instructions in that email.

As many people have found out over the years, it is usually easier toget news/gossip/whatever from a mailing list than to have to grab ityourself from a web page, hence this mailing list. Kwangs can, ofcourse, take out the best of the stuff flying around here and put it up on the web pages when he has the time.

So, start contributing stuff and get your friends to join in. The more,the merrier. If this works, Kwangs can officially mention this on theweb page and let the NUS Alumni office know so that more people willsign up. Until then, gossip away!!!...} ;-)

Bye for now. Have fun.

Soh Kam Yung (

Grace Tow's Creative Experience

Contribution Received: 23 Nov 1998.

I'm still at Creative, and so's Tur Wei and Kam Yung. I'm in the software section of the video products department -- so if anyone wants to know about DVD....

There's nothing awfully glamorous about my job, unless you think sitting in front of a computer screen all day with a glazed expression, typing what looks like Greek (even to me) is cool (sorry, all you software engineers/programmers out there) -- hey, I'm not complaining -- the work environment here is better than I've known elsewhere, but I do look for diversions to relieve the monotony of working life.

Two years back, I seriously considered taking up scuba diving as a pastime, but after a long and hard think (approximately one minute?) about my frequent sinus problems, I joined up with a local acappella choral society (The Philharmonic Chorus) instead, and I haven't looked back since... as part of our regular activities we travel to other countries to participate in international competitions or festivals (that was a big draw for me because I like traveling as much as I enjoy singing and music). In 1996 we spent a week in the beautiful high country of Missoula, Montana for the International Choral Festival, where the local people played our hosts, chauffeurs and tour guides for free. We also made friends with singers from all over the world, had parties and outdoor barbecues by the lake, concerts in the park, sang in concerts both indoors and outdoors in the lovely spring weather... That was something I would never have experienced as a mere tourist, and I was immensely touched by the warm generosity and friendliness of these people who welcomed us like honoured guests because of their love for music.

We also went to Riva del Garda in northern Italy in April this year for an international competition (which I daresay we did very well in, but that's another story). We were housed in a grand old hotel near the Lake Garda, which town (Riva) has a moated fortress, beautifully decorated Renaissance churches and buildings almost a thousand years old... There are things I'll not forget: how we women shivered through each leg of the competition in our thin, porous silk&batik outfits (10 deg C weather in the day!) notwithstanding our underwoolens! (The lucky guys all wore suits). Walking to our performance venues in the wind and drizzling rain, going to the nearest pizzeria to pig out at the end of each long day of practices and competitions, and having such boisterous fun that the locals must have been really entertained. Also the long convoluted walk (I was blissfully lost for an hour or so) I took in the lovely city of Verona on the day I was flying back to Singapore was so invigorating yet tiring, that I slept right through the screeching of the 3-year-old across the aisle on my flight back home, to the envy of the others around me.

I practically spent all my available leave this year on travelling, first to Melbourne during CNY for a short holiday, the Italy trip with the choir, and then (with my parents) a two-week visit with my sisters in Florida and South Carolina in the summer.... I'm also broke!

Apart from the choir, I spend my time (as most Singaporeans, I suspect) shopping, eating, watching movies (both at the cinema and at home, where I have a DVD player). I also waste time (which could have been spent exercising or sleeping) reading stories about Gothic war heroes, listening to operas and surfing the Web.


Grace Tow (

Poetry by Meng Foo

Contribution Received: 19 Nov 1998

I had just put up some of my poetry for fun. Interested, go to

Choo Meng Foo (

Wee Ming's Webpage

Contribution Received: 30 Oct 1998

Halo...long time no see..

I finally got a home page to show off !

Or you are invited to visit my "ah mingo digital garden" at :

I am doing freelancing for web design if you need my services feel free to drop me a mail.


weeming ( ).

A Luminary Alumni

Contribution Received: 29 Oct 1998

Wong Siew Hoong, the newly appointed headmaster at RI, is a former Rafflesian and a classmate of mine (military history i think). He's not registered in the RH Alumni.

al r dizon ( )

Rag and Flag Results - We Won!

We won Rag and Flag Day and broke last year's record by $7000.00...which was much needed as the Chancellor's Shield was won by the strength of our flag collections.

This year round, the competition was a lot stiffer than usual...possibily because the other halls were a lot less mis-guided than usual. Most of the times they try (and I really emphasise try) to make a good float but fail to realise that the bulk of the points come from flag collection.

The collection for flag for all the halls increased by a tremendous amount and the floats, this year were of an out-standing quality. But thanks to all of you guys, we also increased by $ 7000.00.

We won and it was thanks to all of you. Thanks a million. Really

Rongkai 98

Calypso '98

Contribution received: 22 Aug 1998 from Shannon Khoo

Dearest senior of Raffles Hall,

I'm Shannon Khoo,currently staying in Raffles Hall,a year one student.

As part of the Raffles Family, I'm proud to present and invite you to the Raffles Hall annual concert....



DATE:25-26/9 1998 (FRI. & SAT.)


PRICE:$8 $10 12

Enquiry :Shannon Khoo (

Extra efforts have not been spared about the quality of the performance. So, come and relish the RAFFLES EXPERIENCE once more. Thank you.

Calypso '98

Contribution received: 14 Aug1998 from Gan Chuan Heng

Dearest Senior of Raffles Hall,

I am Gan Chuan Heng, a year one engineering student staying in Raffles Hall. The time of the year has come again for Raffles Hall to work together as a whole and put up the best concert NUS has to offer. However, we need a good audience to appreciate the concert that we put up therefore I am appealing to you to buy tickets for our concert. Besides this concert can also be a good time for you to have a get together with your friends.




PRICE : $8, $10, $12

So Dear Senior, please do not hesitate and quickly order tickets from me so as to relish the RAFFLES EXPERIENCE once more. You can contact me by paging 94943174 or calling 7780141. You can also email me back to tell me your answer.

Thank You

Gan Chuan Heng (

An update from Kevin Wong Chee Fatt

Contribution received: 8 Aug 1998

Once again, tks to Kwangs who have been faithfully maintaining the site.

I must confess that I have not been back to RH since 1990 but its great to get updates from this site on long lost friends.

Nothing much to update about myself other than that I am now in DBS Bank (and I attribute part of my social inactivity to this; they really work you there!).

I have been managing the Bank's Indonesian portfolio (sympathies accepted) since Sep '97 i.e. professional debt collector. I needn't mention this but things have been looking rather gloomy lately(economy and now politics). Anyway, there must be a silver lining somewhere (can't disseminate negative news all the time, right?) so its just a matter of time that we get out of this gloom (I hope). By the way, a trivial experience; you can tell you are too stressed when your scalp gets dry (really).

I am sure you have seen the web pics of the rapes in Indonesia. Its so anguishing and sad. We just hope this irresponsible disease doesn't spread. Lately, I have found myself appreciating our racial harmony more (used to take that for granted).

Used to play badminton once a week with Jimmy Yap and Tuck Seng but that has stopped for some months. Understand Tuck Seng is going to be a father soon. Jimmy Yap is now a father of 2 (a girl and a boy). I am still a father of 1 (my wife wants another, the economy tells me to be prudent, so still stuck at 1). To all the married ones who are still considering whether to start a family, my experience is that a kid will bring you more joy than otherwise (despite the economic crisis).

Recent interests in my life like golf and wine have taken a back seat somewhat. If there are any of you who are interested to catch-up over a round of golf on Sat mornings, I can be contacted at or

That's it for now and by the way, Happy National Day.

Chee Fatt (

Seng Yee Voices Some Concerns

Contribution received: 21 Jun 1998 from Loh Seng Yee

Although those of you reading this have been out of the hall for some time (or even longer!), what's the general opinion about the new changes in hall resident admission (controlled by university). Will it have any effect on 'hall spirit', or is that independent of systems?

Most of us won't care, but perhaps some adrenalin can still flow. (It took me some effort to work up enough energy to do even this. sad.)

P.S. I heard someone had revived the alumni officially, any news?

Seng Yee (

Rag & Flag

Contribution received: 11 July 1998 from Wong Yong Kai

Dear All,

The Alumni Formal DInner was a success and everbody was I hope.

And yes, the current batch of freshmen, seniors included could not songfight to save their lives....we would try to correct that problem during the Alumni Bash. Anyway, thanks all again for coming. And I would keep you guys posted about things happening in the hall.

One last thing. Yes, I know I am shameless. But the Rag and Flag day is in one day's time and we seriously NEED HELP!!! So guys, from today until 14 July, please consider donating to the Hall for Rag and Flag!!!! Make the cheque out to National University of Singapore and date it for 14th July. :)). Or page me at 93113114 or call me at 7787880. Everybody, I know times are tight but we seriously NEED HELP.

Rongkai 98 (

Wong Yong Kai invites you to the RH 40th Bash

Contribution received: 11 June 1998 from Wong Yong Kai

Hi All ! :))

I am Yong Kai, a current resident of the Hall. I know it has been a while since anybody has contacted you guys up for anything...except for requests for money..and very often we overlooked the importance of keeping ties with the Alumni of the Hall.

Apologises. Anyway, Raffles Hall is holding its fortieth bash this year and you are all invited to it. The actual date and details would be determined by the incoming JCRC but rest assured, a bash it will be.

Furthermore, tentatively, there is a formal dinner on the Thu 9 july 1998 at 6:30 pm. We were wondering if you guys are interested in coming for the formal dinner. The guest of honor would be Old master. So far, I have confirmed a couple of you guys and I will be calling you guys up shortly. So, if any of you are interested in coming, please give a mail at or at Anybody interested in performing that night like Ian Fong (thanks anyway for the last performance during last year's Alumni day). We really want you all to come back and so, spread the word. But please inform me b4 hand whether you are coming or not.

Also, as the Rag and Flag Secretary of this year's RHOC, I would like inquire whether are you guys are interested in donating the Rag and Flag day. I understand that things are looking pretty tight now but the Hall is undergoing this transition period of the new points system that makes it even more difficult for us to maintain that sense of spirit and identity among the people. Winning the Rag and Flag is just one of the few ways that we could rally the Hall under. Thus, this is an appeal for all to contibute in anyway possible-by donating or giving me names of those who could. For those interested, please write the cheque to National University of Singapore and date it on the 14 July 1998. Please write your particulars on the cheque as it are tax-exempt. Mail the cheque to 4 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260.

Lastly, thanks for all the Alumni who came down for the last Alumni day, especially to Ian Fong, Cheong Suk Wai and Rhordan for performing that night. And do come for the dinner on the 9 july!!!

Phew! It has been a long post and thanks all.

Note from the editor: Hey ,everyone, please support your hall !!

Tze Ian's Kodak Moment

Contribution received: 11 June 1998

Hi everyone,

Hmm... familiar names paint pictures of familiar faces along with everything about life in RH. Snap! Kodak moment.

After working and spending practically 3/4 of my life in Singapore, I have decided to return back to KL in December and hopefully root myself here. Apart from the chaotic traffic here, quality of life has improved alot since coming back. (More space and freedom too).

I believe there are quite a no. of ex-res back in KL, so perhaps we can have a get together sometime. If you are planning to be in town, do drop me a line.

Anyway, prior to coming back, I did some travels in Vietnam where I met Hwee Hian (who was also travelling) and Khoon Keat (who was stationed there then). It was a reunion of sorts in Hanoi. Strangely, Khoon Keat is also back in KL and both of us are now colleagues (although these days he is suspended on the bridge linking the twin towers).

Would like to get in touch with old friends. Wei Sim & Donal, if you are reading this, drop me a line.


Tze Ian

e-mail: OR

Jason Chin is "getting hitched"!

Contribution received 12 May 1998.

Aiyo... what a pleasant surprise, seeing all these people here. Anyways, I'm getting hitched on June 6th this year. Check out our homepage at for more info.

Jason Chin

A follow up contribution on 17 Jun 98:

… Things don't look too good for the folks in KL. Don't seem if they're gonna get better within the next year either.

I've been teaching at ACS for 3 years now. Still enjoying it, even though there can be a lot of Non-teaching Rubbish at times. I teach Physics to a bunch of very colourful (and hormonal!) 16-year olds. Just had to send two down for caning a couple of weeks ago for smoking in school. Not very smart. In school last time we were taught:

"Mahu curi makan, mesti tahu cuci mulut"

These guys were caught with their whole room filled with smoke and their fingers (and mouths) wreaking of Salems. Sheesh... what are these boys learning these days. ;)

More later. Check out the homepage next week (hopefully) for some new pix from the wedding. Till then...


Mike Tan is Getting Married!

Update received: 10 May 1998

I'm still working in Convergent Systems, but role has been appended. Besides being general in-house counsel (of which there is precious little to do), I am now the main product manager for several IT-related stuff, like Yamaha CD-R/RW, Sony Storage devices, Canopus graphics products, REALmagic Netstream MPEG-2 decoder boards and ASICs ... also about to embark on managing the manufacturing the new generation of PCI sound boards based on the Yamaha YMF730 chipset... Also, I'm supposed to gaze to the IT crystal ball (rather, thousands of pages of reports, IT rags, websites, phone calls, etc) and see what's coming up so that my company can grab exclusive distribution before others can.

All this don't sound too lawyerlike, huh? But it's pretty exciting...

Most important update now is that I'm getting married Dec 13th at Raffles Hotel (fancy that - RI, RJC, RH, then RH). Fiance's name is Sharon Sim, same class as me, doing Corporate and banking law in a law firm in Singapore.

I'm writing here because I got severe nostalgia attack after I sorted out some of the mail, christmas cards which I kept from Raffles Hall, even 2 from Kwangs...!

Right now, besides my work and fiance, I have no damn time to do anything else, even computer gaming takes a back seat! Typically, I work from 7.30 to about 9 at night. Am staying at 190A Joo Chiat Place (HEAVEN for food!!!) Singapore 427902, with Foo Yuk Meng and Edwin Teoh.

Foo is getting married Dec 7 to a girl far too sweet for him. ET, as usual, is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


Michael Tan Yew Keong (

Update from Meng Foo

Contribution received: 28 April 1998

Hi just got back to the Internet again after laying off for almost 1.5 years. I just found [the pictures I] had contributed and got lost in the server here it is put back into waht it was first put up in 1995 visit the website at

Choo Meng Foo (

Update from Julian Lit

Contribution received: 21 April 1998

Wow! It has been years since I last visited this site. It is quite interesting to see that a lot of people are still updating their lives on this page. It makes a pretty interesting read. Of course credit goes to those who manage the site.

Thanks to Soong for updating everyone on me being a father. I guess I couldn't let Seng Yee suffer alone in his plight of fatherhood. As Wong Chee Fatt has said, the lack of sleep is an understatement. Really.

Well, I am still in TCS (after 6 years). Worked off my bond - see I ain't not bond breaker.

For those who are interested, my son is 10.5 months old now. His name is Ethan and not English.

Julian Lit (

Message from Suman Sundaresh

Contribution received: 5 April 1998

I am not sure I have much of the latest gossip (infact that's why I logged on to the RH page :)))) But here's something about what I am doing. I am a Research Asst at the medical computing laboratory and am currently doing my masters as well. My research interest are in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Keep going back to the Hall once in a while to retrieve my mail and meet some of my friends. Its amazing how just within a few years, the face of the Hall has changed (so many new faces). But well, the buildings themselves have great memories.

I will definitely keep watching for more great stuff on the RH page.


Suman Sundaresh <

RH Alumni Day (15 Feb 1998)

Dear Rafflesians

WE are having an informal Alumni Day this coming Sunday (15 Feb) and the program stretches from 4.30pm till about 9.30pm.

Please drop by, especially for the BBQ buffet dinner at 6.30pm.

The dress code is casual and there would be alumni performing, including Ian Fong, Suk Wai, Rhordan and Warren-Mark (to be confirmed), some final-year residents and the Dance and Band.

There would be special souvenirs prepared for all who are there.

[My apologies if many of you have not heard of this event as we have very limited ways of contacting Rafflesians who have left the Hall.]

We hope that everyone will always remember and love Raffles Hall.

Yours sincerely

Hwee Hoon (

RH Alumni Day (by Mohan Pillay)

Hi Guys,

Cheech and I are planning to be there - we're thinking of getting there around tea time

Ciao for now

Mohan Pillay.

Tel: 9819-3878

February 13th, 1998.



I'm Boon Hoo from Raffles Hall. We will be organising an Alumni DAy this

coming Sunday, 15 February 98, at 4.30 pm. It will be an enjoyable

evening, where all ex-residents will be coming back to RH, meeting old

friends and reliving past memories.

Among the programmes for that day are funfair, performances by our own

cultural groups, band jam, games tourney and barbeque buffet dinner. Plus

the opportunity to enjoy all this together with your old and "new"

friends, which is the current residents.

So, do make yourself free and come down to RH this Sunday, 15 February 98

at 4.30 pm. Do ask your friends who are ex-res too to come along!

P.s : For more info, pls visit our homepage



Message from the editors:

As usual, we have been tardy about keeping the RH alumni pages updated. Sorry. Kwanghui just finished his General Exams last month and then we went to Spain to recuperate. Just got back last week. Before that, we had no time(!!) thanks for the exam preparations which took two months. Thanks to all those who sent contributions… keep them coming. Also thanks to all those who offered to help. Unfortunately, NUS wants the website to be maintained by a staff/student of the University because they are the people supporting us, so if you qualify and want to take over the helm, we'd be happy to arrange it. Meanwhile, we will continue to update the RH AlumniWeb from MIT at the other end of the planet…. at least once a month.

Oh, if any of you get the chance, do visit Spain. It is really lovely. And the people are terrific -warm, fun-loving and party all nite, every nite.

Finally, congratulations to KHOO PENG BENG who tied the knot with his officemate Belinda early this month. Can someone who went for the wedding (and bachelor party) please, please fill us in with the details????

15 January 1998


Hi Kwang Hui and Seto,

How are u guys and thanks for the prompt reply. It's great hearing from u pple. And thanks for doing a great job in the RH alumni website. Here is my little note for ex-rafflesians:

This is Vincent here, or better known to some pple as Kam Yee. I stayed in RH Blk 5 from 84-85. I was very inactive and had 0 points, so got "kicked" out the following yr :). But my stay in RH was an experience that I will never forget, what with the orientation, snr ladies, snr gentlemen, song fights, royal flush :)) My ex-roommate was Chuah Tiong Ghee (where are u??) and ex-neightbours, Eng Koon, Kah Yeow, etc. Great bunch of pple. It has been a long time!

My first job was in Philips and has been with them for the past 6 yrs. I recently was transferred to work in Knoxville, TN US and will be here for at least 2 yrs. I like it here, less stressful unlike Spore, more time for my family. I am married and have a son age 8.5 mths. Do drop me a mail if you can. I can be contacted at You can visit my website at



15 Jan 1998

Contributor: Leonard Chee (

Hi everyone...

How's everybody ? I was talking to Hong Yinn on the phone & he told me about this page.... that's how I know :) Good work, Kwangs & Seto.

If anyone is interested to know, Yen & I, we have a daughter (2 years old) named Annabelle & Yen is expecting another in July.... We are staying in Malaysia (K.L.) since 1995. Liew Kok Wing & Chew Chak Min are here too & Chak Min likes to drag us to Bangsar every Saturday nite so that HE can hang around & meet chicks ! Malaysia's having a hard time at the moment, I'm sure most of you have heard, so if anyone has any "lubangs", do drop me a line :)

Leonard OR

10 January 1998