The Great Name Chase

Contribution: November 1999.

THe latest news, if you have not heard already is that Ling Hoong and Siew Kiand have ahd a baby - called Sze Ying. Great news.

Wei Sim and Donal ( )

Fatherhood 101

Contribution: 14 Nov 1999


Baby is here!! :-) She was delivered this evening @ Gleneagles Hosp.

Weight : 2.78kg Length : 48cm

Both mother & baby is doing well.



Ling Hoong <>

Sim Keat

Contribution: August 1999.

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. Been here since 1991. In between, was in Hong Kong for 2 years.

Keen to hear from old friends in RH.


SimKeat (Lim Sim Keat: )

Chung Chun and Lay Kien

Contribution: August 1999.

Yes - its true. Chung Chun and Lay Kien are now parents.

Where Is Jared Lee?

Contribution: August 1999.


I was in RH from 1987-1990. Used to be known in RH as the devil. Stayed in Blocks 2,5, and 6. Used to make a lot of noise in the band room, jamming U2, Pink Floyd, Queen with Julian and Dharma. My job took me overseas in 1992 and have worked and lived in Hong Kong, Pakistan, Japan and presently in Calcutta, India. If any Rafflesian do come by Calcutta, please give me a holler. My contact is (91-33) 2808181.

I have met a number of Rafflesians overseas....once I actually bumped into a blockmate at the underground station in London while on a holiday!

Those who have lost contact please feel free to email me to catch up.

Warmest regards,

Jared. ( )

Lakhbir says Hi

Contribution: August 1999.

Hi there, Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sim Keat and myself are the 2 ex Rafflesians here in Jakarta, busy dodging bullets and stones in our daily lifes! No, just kidding!!

Both of us are fine here, we're still the same..ops, sorry, Sim Keat is a bit different, he no longer keeps busy chasing anything and everything that moves in a skirt..he's a 'domesticated' married man now..

Golf is our current hobby...Sim Keat plays off 15 while I play off 11. Anyone travelling to Jakarta and want to meet up for a drink or golf, call us!


Lakhbir's H/P - 0816879484

Sim Keat' H/P - 08161847062


Chee Chun and Sue San's First Child, Born 22 August 99

Contribution: August 1999.

Hi all,

Here are some photo shots of the new addition to our family. More photos to come later.

Please excuse the puffy eyes of the new parents!!!

CheeChun, SueSan & Christopher

Mun Jeng is Married

Contribution: June 1999.

Contratulations to Mun Jeng and Kim Lan who tied the knot this month. Mun Jeng is now in Bangkok and can be reached at


News from Sim Keat

Date: June 1999

I was in back in Singapore last week to attend a meeting, and also to attend Chan Mun Jeng's wedding dinner. Met a lot RH friends whom I haven't seen in years. Choi Da Fu was there with his cute little daughter and wife. Peng Beng was also there with his wife, and so was Lawrence Liu, Hooi Ong, Huey Tz, Johnathan, Lakhbir Singh, Ho Chee Tong, etc, etc.



Note From Alan and Sun

Contribution: June 1999.


I'm currently on study leave in London for a year, before moving on to Yale to complete my JSD (Law PhD)thesis. in mid-99.Sun and I were married in June, and she's here with me, taking up a Masters in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics.


Sun&Alan ( )

Yeap Ban Har - Update

Contribution: 23 June 1999.

Ban Har is supposed to be teaching trainee teachers and training teachers at the National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University) while doing some research in areas most of us will not be interested in knowing about. He is, however, mostly sighted among hill tribes and ancient ruins in nearby regions most of us will not be interested in going to. Other than that he is still much the same as when he was in RH. He is keen to hear from old friends and is easiest contacted at his e-mail or

Meng Foo sets up a portal

Contribution: June 1999.

I am experimenting on some portal concept. Speedy way to get to where interest you most.

Try it and give me any comment.

Meng Foo

Donal and Wei Sim - daughter

Contribution: 8 June 1999.

Just a short note to tell you that Donal and I had a baby girl on 26th May 1999. Her name is Alexandra Liadh sook-Yee Blake (we call her Liadh, pronounced "Lia").

Donal and Wei Sim (

Chan Mun Jeng gets Married

Friends, hello!!

Kim Lan and me will be getting married! Our ROM will be on 3rd June 1999 and will have a dinner reception on the same evening in Singapore. 6 May 1999

Congrats to Seng Wui and Eunice 

Editor's Note: Lim Seng Wui and Eunice happily had their wedding dinner on 28th march 1999.

Send emails to

Meng Foo's New Website.

Contribution Received: 11 April 1999.

I had just shifted my website to  I  hope this is permanent.

I HAD ALSO PUT UP A FASHION WEBSITE  This site had some ex-Raffles Hall people in their fashionable mood.  I think they are then at least 10 years younger. Some of the girls are really dynamic and cute!
Memory. Great.

meng foo

Alumni Day: 6th March 1999 (Saturday).

Contribution Received: 11 Feb 1999.

Ok. Hello. This is Yong Kai AGAIN from Raffles Hall. No, this is not another shameless attempt to get money....heh heh. Well, we all know what happened last time. No money collection. Promise. :)

Well, on the 6th March 1999 (Sat), Alumni Day and Band Jam would be held concurrently. Well, if it is not obvious by now, you are all invited. There would be usual Past-Present Games and Alumni Dinner, with Band Jam to top it off. The programme is as follows:

Timetable for the Alumni Day/Phoenix Festival:

    • 1600hrs: International Students Committee (ISC)'s International Food Bazaar held together with tea. The food bazaar is an event where the International Students prepare the native food from their countries.
    • 1700hrs: Starting of the Past-Present Games: Hockey (SRC), Soccer(SRC Field or Hard Court), Takraw (Takraw Court), Volley Ball (Hard Court). Held simultaneously.
    • 1830hrs: Starting of the Dinner. (Should be a BBQ or a buffet. And yes, it is affirmative that we are NOT having rubber chicken). Souvenier Presentation.
    • Should have some lounge performances by Unplugged or Alumni Performers
    • 2000hrs: Starting of the Phoenix Fest in the Comm Hall and the Reception in the Upper Lounge.
    • The Hop after Phoenix Fest.

Please contact me at this address if u are coming and what games u are playing. ( This is kindda important ).

If u have any inclination to perform (act, sing, dance), please mail me or contact me at 93113114.

BTW, we are planning to produce this data-base booklet to be distributed to you all. We were wondering if u guys would be receptive to the idea.

If u have any comments or suggestion, it would be most welcome

Wong Yong Kai (

Message from Shum Ying Loon

Contribution Received: 20 Jan 1999.

Hi, my name is Shum and I spent three eventful years at Raffles from 1985 to1988 when I graduated with a BBA degree. Those days in the hall were probably the best days of my varsity life as there was endless activities to partake in and lots of friends to share with. Its was a wonderful feeling staying so close to so many friends and I hope current residents make the

most of their stay in Raffles. I was with the Men basketball team, Coach of the women basketball team and Head of the Arts and Graphics Soceity. I am now with Gateway the PC company in the regional head office in Kuala Lumpur as the Regional Business Planning Manager. Hope to chat with you guys sometime and I can be contacted as stated below.

Message From: Shum, Ying Loon (

Gateway South Asia, Regional Business Planning Manager

Tel: 603-468 2102 Fax:603-469 2041 Mobile:6012-278 7618

Message from Wee Loong (JCRC Vice President)

Contribution Received: 15 Jan 1999.

I'm the vice-president of the current JCRC. Like all of you I treasure Raffles Hall as a place where long-lasting friends and even couples are brought together. I believe you all still feel a lot for the hall, and the hall should do its part for you all because you all are still very much a part of it. That is why I have formed the Alumni Affairs Committee as the first step from within the hall to bring together Rafflesians just like the good old days. I would appreciate it if you all would mail me with suggestions as to how we can serve you.

A few examples, Kwang Hui and Seto can contact me so that I can ask the computer committee to look into the possibility of maintaing the site as I heard you all have some difficulty doing it. Those who wish to establish contacts in the hall, e.g. Meng Foo might want to consider doing some business in the hall during the convocation periods, doing professional photography. I was thinking of organising games for you all in RH. Or a tea session for those who would like to talk to former master, Justice Tan Lee Meng. Kam Yung, do you mind me using the alumni list you compiled?

I was thinking that the committee will serve as the first step towards setting up of an official registered Raffles Hall Alumni. But I need your support in order to achieve this goal. Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks and take care.

Regards, Wee Loong (

ps: Once a Rafflesian always a Rafflesian.

Message from Wallace Toh (RH Alumni Affairs Committee)

Contribution Received: 20 Jan 1999.

Dear Ex-resident of Raffles Hall,

I am honoured to represent the RH Alumni Committee to inform you about happenings in Raffles Hall.

We will be coming out with newsletters and a RH Alumni homepage to bring you back to the "good old days". In the homepage, there will be a search engine, which will enable you to find the particulars and whereabouts of your old friends whom you may have lost contact with. There will also be gatherings held for the RH Alumni in the near future, for all of you to get together, and maybe the former master Justice Tan may be there too.

For all these to happen, we will need your help and support. We request that you furnish us with the following information:

  1. Address,
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email address
  4. Present Occupation
  5. NUS Faculty from which you graduated.

Please email me ASAP. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Best regards.

Wallace Toh (

RH Alumni Affairs Com.