RH Windbreaker

Contribution: 6 October 2000

From: Raffles Hall Sports Committee

Greetings from Raffles Hall.... Sports Management Committee ( SMC ) came up with the idea to have our very own RH windbreaker this year. The design is like the current NUS varsity windbreaker with the RH colours- dark olive green and black. The pocket slits are black in colour and it's of good material ...100% cotton with cloth lining inside.

Also...the RH logo wil be embroidered in front..and at the back there will be wordings of Raffles Hall, forming a semicircle with NUS forming a line below it..

It is priced at $29..and please do consider buying this windbreaker and rekindle the RH spirit in you.....

Pls reply this mail if interested by Sunday, 8/10/00, 3pm....and we hope for your favourable response. Do contact these people if in doubt: Ravi Marimootoo-Sports Sec,JCRC, 2000/2001 .....at 7746167/ 96922931 Kenny Kung-SMC MM, 2000/2001......at 7746167 Thank you..=)

Searching for Tiew Kei Tee

Contribution: 3 May 2000

From: Jason Lau (lauwtj@singnet.com.sg)


Hi Ex-Res, Hope you don't mind if I borrow this forum for a "Manhunt".... I'm looking for another ex-Res, Tiew Kei Tee (92-96 NUS EE). I happen to be his surety for the tuition grant and of late, the Min. of Education could not locate him. If anyone has any information of his whereabouts (home/sing/office addr/tel) or any other information, would appreciate if you could send them to my email

(Hmm, sounds like some Wild West Bounty ad .....) Thanks in advance !!

Regards, Jason Rafflesian '89-'93

Sim Keat - Golf Tournament

Contribution: 24 Feb 2000.

From: Lim Seam Keat <sklim@idola.net.id>

Kwang Hui,

Lakhbir Singh (he is also in Jakarta) and I are thinking of organizing a golf tournament either in Singapore or Jakarta for RH Alumni. I think we can get enough people to have a good tournament. Any idea how we can approach this? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Nice to hear that you know what you are doing, and what you want to do. For most of us in the commercial sector, we are doing what we are doing because (1) we do not know what else can we do, or (2) we are doing for the money.

Is it sad, but that's life. A friend of mine posed a question to me recently: If money is not a problem, what will be I doing instead? And you know what? I told my friend that I would like to be a teacher. Surprised?? Hmm .... imagine me as a

teacher. But it's true ..... if I have enough money to live comfortably, I will become a teacher.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the RH Alumni Golf Tournament.



The Phantom Speaks

Contribution: 24 Feb 2000.

From: Twang Kern Zern <twang@unforgettable.com>

I'm a lawyer in a law firm in, of all places, Chinatown.

Interests: Music (not rap, not heavy metal, not hard rock...), theatre (but not the local variety), musical theatre (definitely NOT the local variety... except RH), reading (mostly fantasy series), e-mail and other internet-tish sort of stuff, surfing forbidden sites (oops!)... and chronicling my office misadventures and a weekly e-mail bulletin to friends.


Thoughts: Too much work. Too little time. Too much work. No social life. Too much work. Not enough sleep. Too much work. Underpaid. And too much work.


Yours Hauntingly,


My homepage - http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Alley/8169/

dreamtimepage - http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Alley/8169/dreamtime

My ICQ UIN: 1507921

RH Alumni Events

Contribution: 17 Feb 2000.

From : From: "Kuhanesan Satiananden" <rhaac@hotmail.com>

Dear Alumnis,

How are you all? I hope that everything goes fine with your lives. In RH, a lot has been happening. DnD 2000 is around the corner, IHG is coming to a close and ALumni Day 2000 is coming up! In fact, this email is to address some of those issues. Dnd is on 4th MARCH at the Shang Ri La Hotel. Tickets are priced at $50 for alumnis. The actual price is more than $60 so we have subsidised the ticket price quite a bit. The program starts at 7:00p.m.. For more information you can visit the DnD home page ( Click Here ). We sincerely hope that many of you all will be coming down for DnD 2000 because it is the first DnD of the millennium and your presence there will make it all the more memorable. If you are interested in purchasing tickets just reply this email or email the DnD com personally through their website. However, could you please confirm your attendance latest by next Tuesday ( 22/2/2000 ). ( There are currently three tables amounting to thirty seats reserved for alumnis. If there are more alumnis coming we should be able to accomodate )


RUSH is a bash organised by Raffles Hall and NTU. It will be held in Venom on the 18th of February 2000. Tickets are priced at $14 which is quite cheap. The ticket price includes 2 drinks. Throughout the night there will be dance performances, retro and top 40 music, lucky draw and much much more. Virtually all RH residents will be there so it will be a good time to get together with old friends. If you are interested in purchasing tickets you can do so by enquiring at this email address rushtoparty@hotmail.com or buying directly at Venom on that night.


Lastly, another gentle reminder regarding ALumni Day 2000. It is on 27th February 2000 and will be in RH. The program starts at 2:00p.m. until 9:30p.m. but you can drop in any time. Among activities planned are Past vs Present Games, Fun games, Exhibitions, tea with Alumni, Bouffet dinner with performances and more. We hope to see you there. We recommend that you bring along a change of clothes. Don't worry we will provide bathroom facilities. We hope to see you there.


Love Life


RHAAC Middle Manager 2000